Managing Content

Content Areas are designated by a dotted line. You can create and then edit a new content area by clicking on the plus sign in the top left corner. Or, you can edit the existing content area by passing your mouse over the "publish" icon (red lightning bolt) and choosing from the pop up items and clicking on the "pencil" icon. All action buttons have tool tips to help guide you.

Want to publish this content? Simply click the "publish" icon in the top right corner of this box and then click "Preview" in the Modo toolbar.

Page Layout

This is a sample page layout utilizing built-in styles (in the Rich Text Editor) and images (from the Media Centre) to show the page layout capabilities of Modo. If you are new to Modo or are trying it for the first time, you might want to visit and review the QuickTutorial to get started. We tried to make Modo as user friendly as possible although there is a slight learning curve for advanced features. If you are an advanced user and have experience using a content management system, feel free to push Modo to make it do what you want it to!

For demo purposes, we've uploaded sample images for use in page layouts like this one. To add an image you first need to visit the Media Centre, browse an image from your computer and then click upload. Once uploaded and managable in the Media Centre, you can use this image when adding content.

In Manage Content mode (using theText Editor) simply click the photo icon to "get image from Media Centre". You can see once you are in Edit Mode there are many tools available to help you manage, style and edit your content.

If you are still viewing this page from the public side, login to see the admin side.


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